Who Is The Earls Group

I’m no different than you. I got to the point where I was tired of spinning my wheels with everything I touched. Nothing seemed to work! I know life isn’t about money, but I also realize it takes money to support my family and change my future.


After 13 years of full-time and part-time college teaching, I needed to do something different. Friends knew I needed something different, and told me so. I got questionable advice. I also got excellent advice. I sought out advice from people who had nothing to gain from any decision I might make. I also sought the opinion of my closest friend, and the one who had the most to gain or lose; my wife.


After I decided to jump into the real estate field I searched hard for people who would give me trusted information. I learned one thing: real estate agents do not want you to jump into the real estate field. One friend even told me, “don’t”. My search for trusted information was disappointing to me. People would return my email. Friends in real estate promised to call me back, and I’ve not heard back from them in over a year.


Many years before this search for trusted information, my wife and I spent just shy of a decade traveling. We drove a truck for a living. It was a LOT of traveling. We’ve now been to 47 of the lower 48 states. We’ve also been halfway across Canada. We live in a beautiful country.


Our truck-driving days took us to big cities and small towns. We delivered to theme parks, manufacturing plants, and military installations. We’ve even been to places that aren’t on any map! All of this was done while I pursued a master’s degree in corporate communication.


It was at this point that I began teaching college in 2008. I loved teaching, and I loved that I was still learning. I made friends with colleagues, and students, and stay in contact with many of those friends even now.


Why do I mention this? I know the feeling of looking back and still miss the feeling of being satisfied, working all the time, and still spinning my wheels.


Building My Own Business


eXp Realty is the bedrock of my business. I’ve met fellow agents all over the nation. I have business partners in Texas and Georgia. My mentor is fantastic, and our working relationship will last for years to come.


Equally important is that I have freedom to work from home. I don’t have to go to the office every day. I set my own hours. I still have support that is just a phone call away. I’m succeeding, and I’m having fun.


My Future


eXp makes my future look brighter than I could ever imagine. This company is always growing, technologically and geographically. They make the real estate business easier than working with a traditional brokerage. I can see myself traveling internationally to mentor agents in other countries where eXp has agents selling real estate.


Ready to join The Earls Group?


If you don’t have your real estate license, go here for an exclusive discount on your pre-licensing course. Discounts are available for all states.


Once you have your real estate license, apply to join eXp Realty, and select me, Fred Earls, to join my team.



Valdosta, GA