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About Fred


BA – Music Performance, The University of Mobile

MA – Corporate Communication, Austin Peay State University

EdD – Higher Education Leadership, Valdosta State University

Get To Know Fred

  • Fred is a husband and father. Fred is experienced in many areas of business communication in a multitude of industries.
  • Former full-time college instructor of communication, with over a decade of teaching a multitude of communication courses, including public speaking, human communication, and communication theory.
  • As a former business owner, with his wife, he understands what it takes to increase the bottom line, and thus profitibality.

Fred’s Philosophy

Learning only takes place when one becomes uncomfortable. Fred creates an uncomfortable feeling during presentations but ends training by resolving the uncomfortable feelings that were created during the session. We only know how to become comfortable in difficult situations when we know how to access and react to any given situation.

Fred’s Focus

Communication is a process. Fred’s focus in communication training is to teach others how to recognize effective communication, and how to improve areas of miscommunication. Through targeted training sessions, Fred shows his passion for betting ourself through bettering our communication skills.

You Can Be Next – Contact Fred Now

Fred understands the power of humor as a form of feedback to gauge listening. His presentations are informative, persuasive, and all-around engaging while delivering high-impact training information.


1234 Divi St. #1000
San Francisco, CA 94220